MMA STEM Project – A Truly Community Driven and Highly Collaborative Project.
The entire Atlanta Community is getting engaged in this activity and We are thrilled to see such a Fantastic response and Involvement!

Maharashtra Mandal-Atlanta Nisarga Vaari – 2021

This year we are pioneering a new concept for the celebration of the rich Maharashtrian heritage, the great saint lineage, and the famous pilgrimage of Maharashtra - The Pandharpur Vaari.
This is a novel concept where we want each one of you to try and walk 5 miles each day, which takes about 1 hour 40 mins to walk, or device weekly the route as per your suitability, for 30 days. That way you will have covered the exact distance between Shri Kshetra Dehu and Shri Kshetra Pandharpur, i.e. 154miles (approx) or 250kms.
We shall all keep note of the daily journey, with a screenshot of the distance covered, accompanied by a selfie and tag MMA on to this picture each day on Instagram & Facebook under the hashtag #MMANisargVaari21

Maharashtra Mandal-Atlanta & Sewa – Help Maharashtra

There is a forecasted third wave that could put an already stressed system into more stress. In these times, our Maharashtra needs us more than any other time. SEWA International has started a 4 faceted initiative to help our state. Details are below. As always the partnership SEWA and MMA have fostered helps us get together and battle such calamities and help our fellow Maharashtrians.