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Maharashtra Mandal of Atlanta (MMA) is a nonprofit organization that promotes Marathi culture and language through events like Ganesh Chaturthi, featuring traditional performances. Besides cultural initiatives, MMA also supports the community with health and educational programs, such as health assistance and the Atlanta Marathi Shala for language education. These activities align with MMA’s mission to foster heritage appreciation and community support. For more details, you can visit their official website at


The mission statement of the MMA is: 


To promote and instill appreciation for heritage, values, culture and to foster the spirit of Humanity service at-large.

MMA By-Laws

Amended and Restated By-Laws of Maharashtra Mandal of Atlanta, Inc.


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Tanvi Ghangrekar
Jyoti Thombre
Hemant Thombre
Sayali Shinde Tilwankar
Rohit Bodhani
Savan Dahad
Sonali Dahad
Mrunmayee Kadam
Sonali Vaidya
Komal Bodhani
Mahesh Mali
Nisha Mali
Vipul Sonawane


Help in the mental well being and health of the community 

Supporting the community for natural calamities .eg DURING Covid-19 pandemic

Supporting the community in case of loss of employment

 Supporting the community by providing health assistance, and food in crisis situations not only in the State of Georgia, but also in other states in the U.S.

Instilling values of humanity in the community

Efforts at tutoring to underprivileged community members by young members of the MMA.

Preserving Marathi Language by starting the Marathi Shala and getting accreditation by the State of Georgia.

Preserving and promoting the culture through entertainment programs

Efforts at collaborating with the local non profit organizations with an objective of creating unity and diversity.

 Making available discounted groceries to the local community members

Through its associate, the Global Thrombosis Forum has saved countless lives of the citizens of Georgia and other states in the U.S. who otherwise would be suffering from a deadly condition of thrombosis.We are therefore approaching Honorable Governor Brian Kemp to proclaim September 2023 as the Maharashtra Mandal Month in recognition of the significant efforts to MMA in the Georgia community.