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MMA - BanyanWay Matrimony

Maharashtra Mandal is excited to partner with BanyanWay, a service that uniquely blends traditional and modern matchmaking approaches. This partnership allows us to offer launch matchmaking services for MMA-community, incorporating family values and modern preferences.
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Amachi Shala

The Atlanta Marathi Shala (AMS) is a diligently run educational institution, solely controlled and operated by a group of devoted volunteers. The primary objective of AMS is to instill our rich Maharashtrian culture, values, and heritage in the hearts of the burgeoning Marathi diaspora. With a current strength of about 173 students, and steadily growing, this institution is proving to be an exemplary Non-profit Organization with commendable success in the field of Marathi language education. Since August 2011, AMS has been operating under the Maharashtra Mandal of Atlanta (MMA) umbrella.
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Go Green initiative


Organize information booths, workshops, and webinars to raise awareness and educate people on easy-to-adopt green alternatives


Research and explore green products and practices and make them easily available to the general public


Approach businesses and organizations to understand their needs and suggest easy-to-adopt green alternatives

Since our inception, we have set up information booths, workshops, and webinars that have helped the communities understand the importance and urgency of addressing environmental issues. Our presentations have focused on Composting, Recycling, and green DIY projects.

Our close engagements with various organizations & associations have helped reduce the waste footprint, especially at large events such as walk/run events attended by thousands of participants.
To help families transform their home parties into a low-waste party, we have a free loaning bank of reusable steel utensils.

We have run a series of successful Go-Green campaigns & drives to encourage sustainability and reduce waste. 

The 3-minutes showers campaign have received pledges to save more than 2 swimming pools worth of freshwater.

The 5-Day 500-coats drive collected over 700+ coats. Coats lingering in the warmth of closets and cupboards found a purpose in providing warmth to several homeless. 

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